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JAMES L. SCHALLER, MD, Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesia

Do you long for unhurried visits with your doctor? Visits where you fully understand your problems and options, and feel heard and respected?

Do you feel rushed during brief appointments?

Do you feel merely part of a "protocol" or "guideline" that is not tailored to your unique body?

Do you feel your health care provider is narcissistic, and has a set lab formula and treatment program which is largely the same for everyone, that fits his or her narrow interests and training?

Have you grown tired of your doctor's lack of accessibility? Forcing interactions with unknown substitutes who are strangers?

Are you looking for a deeper and more personal relationship with your physician? Do you want a friendly, and highly aggressive academic leader with a passion for many areas of medicine, who personally invents and publishes new solutions internationally? Or do you want someone "trained" by drug reps or merely pharmaceutical company "education?"

We offer as much time as you want, 24-hour availability, and full access to Dr. Schaller by cell phone, beeper, two emails, multiple fax lines and traditional office appointments. Is this a little different style of medicine than you are used to receiving? Good.

Dr. Schaller has always offered the best in academics and creative care, married to highly personal medicine. Perhaps it is time for you to consider a change?

Dr. Schaller, the author of extensive research in traditional and integrative medicine, will provide the personal attention you deserve. His ability to combine his knowledge of progressive and traditional medicine will offer you the best treatment options available.

Integrating the Best of Traditional Medicine
with Researched Options in 21st Century Alternatives


  • Indoor Mold Illness Treatment (The Co-Author of 3 Clear Mycotoxin Solutions Books and a Certified Mold Inspector and Remediator)
  • Tick and Flea Infections, Babesia, Atypical Bartonella and Untreated Lyme disease (Five Books & Top Journal Articles)
  • Challenging Major Depression (Many Creative Published Solutions and a Patent Pending Natural Powerful Antidepressant)
  • Challenging Anxiety Disorders
  • Excess Fatigue and Inflammation Disorders (FM, CFIDS, MCS)
  • Treatment Resistant Problems (Your Lack of Hope is a Welcome Challenge. We Love Challenges and Have Even Found a Rare Cancer "Cure" by Special Personal Research).
  • Psychiatric or Medical Illness promoting Criminal Actions
  • Opioid or Percocet Addiction and Advanced Suboxone Expertise (Author of the Only Up-to-Date Textbook on Suboxone)
  • Out-of-Control Youth (Book and Many Publications in Top Journals)
  • Peri-Menopause, Post-Menopause, PMS, and Natural Hormone Replacement (Inventor of Many Delivery Forms, Editor of a Gyn Text, etc.)
  • Exceptional Executive Lab Evaluations (Lab Centers Need to be Trained 2-4 Hours to Do Them. These are Not 4 Useless Organ Failure Labs)
  • Biotoxin Illnesses (We Have Found Why "Experts" Fail to Help Some Patients)
  • Morgellons (We Know of 8-20 Causes. Patients Get Better Over Time. I am on the Board of Both Morgellon's Agencies and Helped in CDC Definition)
  • Treatment Resistant Weight Gain (We Have Found Causes Very Smart Bariatric MDs Miss)